Olive Mill

San Luigi mill, a family run business, was esthablish in 1992 by Paolo Sabatini, a man found of maremman food products, specially olive oil.

San Luigi mill, a family run business, was esthablish in 1992 by Paolo Sabatini, a man found of maremman food products, specially olive oil. The trademark “L'oro di Maremma” was registered in 1997. Our production is Carbon free from 2009. The only source of energy are solar power and our olive nut, respectively for eletricity and heat energy. Thanks to these choices we join the Association “Agricoltori Custodi della Comunità del Cibo a Energie Rinnovabii della Toscana” the first food clean rewanable energy world community.

The olives come from a circle of oil producers working within 40 km range from the mill. Olives, carefully selected, enter in the production circle by 48 hours. Inside San Luigi Mill there are two production lines: one, more traditional with stone grinder and idraulic presses; another – modern one- continuos cicle made by stainless steel. “Oro di Maremma” is realized by the modern one because the oil obtained in this way has got a fresher and deeper smell. Olives are defoliated, washed and grinded with a steel hammer mill. This olive paste is cool pressing ( under 27,5°) so oil pomace and oil must can divide. Later oil must passes trough a centrifuge to purified. It's clear: our oil is a nearly a fruit juice! Before we put it into our silos, we had to do an acid test on each lot. San Luigi Mill uses natural fresh spices also to produce Rosmary olive oil, Basil olive oil, Lemon olive oil, Garlic olive oil. Only for Chili pepper olive oil we use local dried fruit.

Our olive oil is now being realized with the modern plant, since the product obtained meets the major favors of the palate of our customers, being an oil perfume and fragrances more intense and fresh. The olives are leaves removed, washed and crushed with a hammer mill steel. The olive paste thus obtained is passed into a centrifuge (decanter) to cold, with temperatures below 27°, where is the separation of the oily juice from the pomace (the solid part of the olive). The wort is then passed into a second centrifuge to remove all the impurities and the water of the olives, which by nature are in the same wort. It 's clear that our final product is a simple fruit juice, extracted exclusively by mechanical process, to ensure the high quality of the oil and protect the environment, using only renewable energy . The oil produced, before it enter the steel silos of our "oliaia" must be submitted to taste, acidity and peroxide, which Paul and Louis performed on each consignment bottling.

San Luigi Mill also produces flavored oil for seasoning (Rosemary, Basil, Lemon, Garlic, Hot Chili Pepper, Oregan, Mushrooms, Truffel) always using our good extra vergin oil and natural methods.

How did our good oil.

Harvesting, crushing and our oil. A trip in the old and new Frantoio San Luigi process.


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